Essential Guide: Commute by Bicycle 101

Essential Guide: Commute by Bicycle 101

Commuting by bicycle is a simple concept; however, the logistics can become a tad overwhelming. Here is a 101 essential guide to commute by bicycle.


Bicycle Bags & Racks

Carry It With You

If you are commuting to school or to work, chances are good you will need to bring some items with you. First, you will need to decide how to carry the weight will work best for you. You have two options; back or bike. This is where a handy backpack or trusty pannier rack setup is useful. For the pannier rack option you will need to check out your bike's rack mount capabilities to determine the style of pannier rack will fit your bike. Virtually, any pannier bike bag will fit any pannier bike rack, so no need to fret.



bicycle light set

Let There Be Light

There are a few aspects to consider when deciding on a bike light. First, there are 'help you see' lights, and there are 'help you be seen' lights. A rear blinking LED bike safety light is generally the best option for 'be seen' bike light. Whereas, a high lumen bike headlight will 'help you see' the direction you are riding. Battery style (replaceable or rechargeable), bike light mount attachment, and lumen count are important aspects to take into consideration. 



bicycle u lock

Use It or Lose It

You just invested time and money into commuting by bicycle, you must protect your investment. Considering where to leave your bicycle while at school or at work will dictate the style of lock you will need. A decent lock will cost approx. 10% of your bikes value. One of the most popular locks to use is a U-Lock. However with advancements in technology you can get the same rugged protection as a U-Lock in a much more compact, and stylish design.



bicycle components

Right Equipment Makes All the Difference

Riding a bike can literally be a pain the ass. Doesn't have to be though. By having the proper accessories for the job you can make the experience of commuting by bicycle effortless. A few aspects to consider are geography, distance, and health. There are many accessories to aid you on your commute and put a smile on your face. Some argue choosing the right bike make all the difference, and some argue you can make a clunker comfy.



Dress for the Occasion

Hopefully you are the type of person who wouldn't dress shoes to hike up a mountain. Having the proper bicycle apparel makes sure you get to your destination without looking like you commuted by bicycle. Again, depending on the environment and distance of your commutes will largely dictate whether or not your will wear a waterproof bicycle jacket and pants over your attire, or opt for a bicycle jersey and shorts to wick away moisture.


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