Can Shimano Pro Bike Components Knock SRAM Off Their Throne?

Can Shimano Pro Bike Components Knock SRAM Off Their Throne?

Shimano finally gets around to launching their "RockShox Killer," the Shimano Koryak Dropper Seatpost. Aside from it's questionable name, the new dropper seatpost from Shimano is pretty darn sweet. If you like Shimano that is...

Shimano Pro Bike Components

(Clockwise) Koryak cable-actuated dropper post; the under-bar remote lever with integrated I-Spec II mount; lower end of post reveals a barrel-type cable interface; single-bolt, zero-offset saddle clamp.

The Shimano Koryak is a long and highly anticipated dropper post. Available under Shimano's "Pro" line, the Koryak will sport a decent 120-millimeter stroke post and is cable actuated.

The remote lever can be a stand alone, or can be integrated with Shimano's I-spec II shift levers. Also, you can opt for either side of the handlebar for your lever position. There are two styles of remote levers; vertical or horizontal. 

The horizontal remote lever has a special name called the Firebolt. The Firebolt lever is designed by Shimano to look identical to the XT/XTR downshift paddles.

Shimano Pro Bike Components Koryak

Shimano Says

For all you mechanics out there who is feeling a little skeptical, Shimano says the Koryak is completely rebuildable. Which is nice... The gas/hydralic unit is a one-piece
cartridge that is easily replaced, allegedly.

Shimano Pro Bike Components







The single-bolt clamp-head and shaft are machined from one piece of aluminum; Koryak's cable interface show that the a barrel-type end actuates the post.

Koryak Details:

• Construction: Anodized aluminum shaft and body, rebuildable seal-head, keys and bushings, single-bolt, zero-offset saddle clamp
• One-piece replaceable air/hydraulic cartridge
• Travel: 120mm, infinite-adjustment range
• Cable actuated mechanism, using Shimano's Optislick wires and housing
• Internal cable routing
• Remote levers: Universal vertical lever, or I-Spec II compatible horizontal "Firebolt" style option
• Diameter options: 30.9mm or 31.6mm
• Claimed weight: 520 grams, including cable assembly and remote lever
• Available: October/November, 2016


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