SRAM XX1 Eagle Review

SRAM XX1 Eagle Review

5 Questions to help you decide if a 12-speed drivetrain is the best for you:

As the power struggle for drivetrain dominance rages on between SRAM and Shimano, is the fight being fought for the consumer? With more options than ever for the mountain biker, there is one thing that is for sure – the extinction of the front derailleur is clearly happening before our very eyes. 

Who is SRAM XX1 Eagle for?

A rider who wants a purpose-built mountain bike with a 500% gear range without all the clutter of a front derailleur.

SRAM XX1 Eagle ReviewSRAM XX1 Eagle Review

Does SRAM XX1 Eagle only fit on 12 x 148 rear spacing?


SRAM was smart enough to make sure you can install the new Eagle group on a regular XD driver body. However, with wider rear axle width, frame developers create enough clearance so you can fit a much larger front ring to compliment your new exaggerated rear gear range.

SRAM XX1 Eagle Review

Is the 12th gear a gimmick just to sell units or is there a method behind the madness?

Well I think it’s safe to say we all see the games Apple plays with their iPhones, just slightly improving each model when they could just come out with a fully loaded model right now. Is SRAM taking a page out of Apple’s play book???


According to SRAM’s drivetrain product manager, “Sometimes people, including ourselves [SRAM], need time to acclimatize to change. When we looked at XX1 originally there was a fair bit of internal stress about the aesthetic change that XX1 had…. People getting used to these things slowly has made it easier for us. Yeah, we can go bigger, but we try to understand how much are people going to take, and I think that if you look at things like hub standards right now people have pretty clearly told me they don’t want any more… People have had enough.”

SRAM XX1 Eagle Review

Is there a more affordable version of SRAM XX1 Eagle?

Well, depends on what you perceive as “more affordable.” The SRAM XO1 Eagle is approximately $287 less expensive than the SRAM XX1 Eagle, depending on your source for the group.

The trickle down from the Eagle platform should be quick. It is likely SRAM will release budget friendly versions of the Eagle than it took SRAM to release the dumb downed versions of their 1 x 11 drivetrains.

SRAM XX1 Eagle Review


How do I make the jump to the 12-speed drivetrain?

If you already have the XD driver equipped hub then upgrading requires a few more components:

  1. Direct Mount Cranks
  2. Cassette
  3. Derailleur
  4. Shifter
  5. Chain

It can be more cost effective to purchase the entire SRAM XX1 Eagle Groupset together.

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