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Goots Racing Currently, Goots Racing is scheduled to compete in the NonDot Adventures Circuit, and is slated to compete in Southern California's popular Over the Hump Series. Mountain biking at a high level requires two critical components above all else; endurance & power.

David J. aka "Mr. Goots" is an amateur mountain bike competitor out of the Orange County, CA area. Goots Racing est. 2016 as a subsidiary of TIPs Performance is a one-man race team at the moment.

Goots Racing is a dedicated believer that with proper nutrition along with proper conditioning, both endurance & power can be achieved without sacrificing performance. Each week of long training requires a high level of nutrition to maintain performance. That's why he endorses MacroStacks™ Meal Prep Containers so he can spend less time on his nutrition game and more time on his training game.

We are truly happy to have Mr. Goots as a brand ambassador!

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