Carbon Fiber Road Bike Handlebars

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Carbon Fiber Road Bike Handlebars

Made of carbon fiber, ultralight drop bar with better looks and no compromise of stiffness. Uni body design, easy to assemble and offer the leverage and control front fork and wheel efficiently.

Comfortable on the hands with lots of contact and easy reach to the shifters. These bars will greatly increase your comfort and time spent in the drops. Ensures excellent vibration damping qualities. It gives smooth drops, comfortable tops and more clearance between the knee and handle bar while riding the saddle.

Its shape offers optimal positioning whether you are pulling at the front or catching the slipstream while riding the hoods in the back and provides more powerful wind-breaking effect.

 *please indicate size on order notes:

400 x 90mm   |   400 x 100mm    |   400 x 110mm     |   400 x 120 mm

420 x 90mm   |   420 x 100mm    |   420 x 110 mm    |   420 x 120 mm

440 x 90mm   |   440 x 100mm    |   440 x 110 mm    |   440 x 120 mm

  • T700 Full carbon fiber material has been optimized for strength and stiffness. It is Only 380g.
  • Mildly flattened wing shape along top of the handlebar provides a comfortable platform for your hands when climbing or otherwise resting palms atop handlebar
  • Wing section is sized and shaped so that hand movement and rotation aren't negatively affected or "locked out", even when rotating bar positioning
  • Center clamping area is precisely refined to match with 31.8mm stems.
  • Monocoque handlebar in one piece,there is no bonded junctions or glued parts, so it is easy to install and disassemble.